Timothy Acorn invites you to come along as he discovers the beauty and the joy in the Rolling Acorn Canyon.

Here in this irresistible world, Timmy finds friends that make him happy, and he learns to see everyone’s differences as beautiful. He goes on adventures that lead to life lessons and he finds the courage to overcome difficulties. He even has magical encounters with the Tooth Fairy and her sidekick - the mouse. 

If you haven’t read the book yet, Timmy loses his tooth, and he gets a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

Those of us who grew up with a tooth fairy pillow can’t imagine life without one! It was part of the magic that happened after you lost your tooth!

Without a tooth fairy pillow, how will the Tooth Fairy find your tooth?

MEET the illustrator

It must have been divine intervention that brought Madelynn into my life at that exact moment.

She was a junior in high school and she came to my dental office to get her wisdom teeth out.

When she told me that she draws to relax, I knew immediately that I had found my teammate and collaborator. She got to work and quickly found out that doing art for a Picture Book is no easy task. She had to draw various chipmunks that had to look different from each other, but recognizable from page to page. No pressure at all!